Museum for Love / english

We have a dream … and a concept …

A museum in its ori­ginal sense, as a place where the dif­ferent muses meet and enrich each other. We have deve­loped over 70 pos­sible con­tents in the last 20 years.

Love is so incre­dibly diverse and rich. The­r­efore, there is also content that shows and lets us expe­rience how love has con­nected and still con­nects people and nations. And other con­tents we do not know our­selves yet, because it is important to us that you can par­ti­cipate with your know­ledge, expe­ri­ences and traditions. 

With our “Museum of Love — Mobile” we would like to visit (in advance) regions in Germany and Europe, from the point of view of the cul­tural history of love, and further explore, collect, document and deepen on the spot also impulses … 

In addition, we will offer a per­manent space in the museum to enable encounters and to see what content then still wants to develop … 

Home for Love” — We want to give love a home. And so we can also include pre­vious, tem­porary exhi­bi­tions on aspects of love here.

So, not another erotic museum, but a sensual and romantic place for love between couples, families, friends, peoples, to animals, to nature and to the earth. An inter­active house for the cul­tural history of love. The theme of love touches all people and the offers are so low-threshold that this place really offers “culture for all”. This is achieved, among other things, through spatial con­nec­tions and offers in the region and in people’s everyday lives.

In Germany there are more than 7.000 museums — and also worldwide there are museums for many things, for weapons and so on — but so far there is no museum worldwide for the cul­tural history of love and to love is the highest of all.

We would like to bring this special human, con­necting, cul­tural dream of mankind to life with you. A dream of humanity that will be finan­cially pro­fi­table in the medium term and that makes it, for example, an ideal project for impact investing that is designed for sus­taina­bility and respon­sible ownership.

A museum for the cul­tural history of love is a great challenge, and perhaps more important than ever in these times.

No one has ever tried to live by the power of love”. Ralp W. Emerson

Tina & Hans-Georg