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Museum for Love — We have a dream

We would like to realize the worls‘s first real love-museum in Cologne and ask for your support. Please donate 20€/$ for the love to IBAN: DE38 4306 0967 8024 5752 00 / BIC: GENODEM1GLS / Hans-Georg Renner. Thank you so much!!!
make love, not war

Hello dear ones,

we would very much like to inspire you for the world‘s first museum for sensual and romantic love, a real love museum. No more sex-museum, but an inter­active house for love with all its romantic and sensual riches and arts. We have deve­loped over 50 pos­sible con­tents, from “Paradise”, to the “Bou­levard of Love”, the “Walk of Love”, or the “Love Magic” to the “Star Tent”:

Perhaps you have expe­ri­enced a great love and want to give love a worthy place, or you want to create some­thing that brings joy and love to people and that lasts. It is clear that for a love museum we need courage, a vision and your gene­rosity. But we are sure, that the museum will be pro­fi­table in the medium term due to the inte­grated shop.

We are looking for a patron for our museum: So if you have the oppor­tunity to support the roamntic museum for love, or a love museum that really deserves its name, finan­cially, with a sui­table pro­perty, through ener­getic craft­s­manship or by drawing the attention of as many people as pos­sible to it – then we look forward to your help for a long „dream of mankind“, because …

… In the mid-1840s Charles Bau­de­laire was already dreaming of a love museum “a powerful poem of love”, docu­menting the phy­sical pas­sions of mankind “from the uns­poken ten­derness of Saint Therese to the deli­berate debau­chery of the super­sa­tu­rated cen­turies”
(Quelle: “Der ero­tische Augen­blick” 2. Band der STERN-Bibliothek der Foto­grafie von G. Frey­ermuth und R. Fabian, 1984 STERN-Buch)

In 1962 five cari­ca­tu­rists took up this idea and drew their ideas for the estab­lishment of a love museum in the Berlin magazine “UHU” … At the beginning of this mill­ennium Mat­thias Hübotter worked out his ideas from a love museum … since 2015 our concept stands for an inter­active sensual museum for romantic love, a real love museum …

it‘s finally time for action.

With heartful regards

Tina and Hans-Georg

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