Museum for Love for Romantic Love

Museum for Love — We have a dream

Museum for Love

We would like to create the world’s first museum for love — a house for sensual and romantic love.

A museum in its true sense, a place where the dif­ferent muses meet and enrich each other.

Not just another erotic museum, but an inter­active house for love with all its romantic riches and arts — “a powerful poem for love”.

There are more than 6,800 museums in Germany — and there are museums for many things, for weapons and so on all over the world — but there is no museum for love so far and to love is the highest of all.

We would like to realize this special cul­tural, tou­ristic and eco­nomic project with you.

It will further support the social coexis­tence. This will be done by actively involving the people and by sending an impulse of love from the museum of love into the world.

On the other hand, it will be finan­cially pro­fi­table in the medium term and is the­refore the ideal project for impact investing. Our concept is ready …

A museum for love is a great chal­lenge, but you know that new paths are created as you walk and are always smiled at at the beginning.

No one has ever tried to live with the power of love”. Ralp W. Emerson

Warmest regards
Tina und Hans-Georg

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